Michael Langton

Michael has a long carrer as a woodcarver starting in 1972. Initially he carved wooden signs and built furniture and in 1979 his career took a major turn. The ITC Film company contacted Michael and asked if he was willing to carve a wooden doll that Katharine Hepburn could use in the movie they were filming called "On Golden Pond". He did this in creating "ELMER" and discovered the world of dolls as an "Art Outlet".
He invented a new way to make dolls and in the process received two patents on doll body construction, had his work on display at the Louvre in Paris, and won a "Doll Of The Year" award.
He developed a method of casting the wooden doll Elmer so that the result convincingly resembled wood. The success of this method caused the Stockbridge Library to contact him and see if he could use this same method to manufacture an edition of an equally famous wood doll "HITTY"

The original "ELMER" from the movie
"On Golden Pond"

Here are a couple of scenes from
"On Golden Pond" with
Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn