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Welcome to the WONDERFUL world of Michael Langton Resin Hittys and WOOD CARVED HITTYS
The Resin reproductions use molds taken directly from the original Hitty at the Stockbridge Library
(more information about this can be found on the HISTORY page)
A Michael Langton Hitty is the closest a collector can come to the Original Hitty

Ordering Information can be found easily on the CONTACTS page
The prices listed on this website are accurate as of June 15th 2011
The EVENTS page will have notices about current and upcoming competitions. The rules for these can be found on the EVENTS page

New Wood Carved Hitty



This is the NEW prize for the Photo Challenge
She is a MLangton Resin Hitty dressed in a wonderful costume for the fall

This is
 First Wood Carved Hitty

Others similar to this
are available on the


She is one example of the
3 Hittys I have available. This Hitty
is painted and signed, and is dressed
in this beautiful chemise and slip.
She is $149.00 plus $7 for shipping and handling
payments can be made using PayPal or checks

This is a
She is assembled to stand and sit, but not painted

The cost is $99.00 plus $7.00 for s/h for a total of $106.00

Payments can be made through Paypal or check
Go to the CONTACTS page to place your order


The NEW Event is a

(1)Each participant may take up to three photos of any Michael Langton Hitty (either resin or wood) showing a scene from the book "Hitty Her First Hundred Years" by Rachel Field
(2)If three photos are submitted, they must show three different scenes from the book, although the same Michael Langton Hitty can be used in all three photos
(3)ONLY Michael Langton Hittys can be used
(4)End date of the Challange (contest) will be October 31, 2011
(5)The winner will be chosen by Michael Langton using a random number generator
(6) The photos are to be uploaded at the
www.Hittygirls.com web site. There is an album there specifically for this Photo Challenge

Have fun and Good Luck to you all